The Dance of the Peacock: A True Garland of Marvels

The Dance of the Peacock: A True Garland of Marvels

A Review by  Shasikiran Deshetti

 The ‘Dance of the Peacock’ is a true garland of marvels. It is a great collection of poems from around 150 poets from India. I found it as a great read if one is looking for a great diversity in tastes. The anthology speaks for itself in the title. Among the few poems that I have read, here is a review:

In the poem ‘Gifts of Nature’, Katta Rajamouly brings out an immense feeling of gratefulness towards the Mother Nature, from the readers, in words that surpass every other humane expression of gratitude.

         ‘The earth with its wonderful nature all around

      With its rich sights and sounds: the high treasures

All to fill the sunshine of peace and exhilaration for all 

                  With no due goal of its own’

 The poet ends the poem so thoughtfully and yet graciously, leaving us pondering, with a terminal thought of how a human mind, the supreme creation of God, as the poet coins it, comfortably ignores the beauty that surrounds us and the creator of it..

        ‘God’s supreme creation, the best of all species

       Enjoys His gifts of gaiety but forgets to sacrifice

    And never to create a paradise in favor of God’s will

                        With a goal of his own’                 


The poem ‘The Ephemeral Glow’ subtly deals with the overlying gleam of life and lively things, and fairly justifies the mere essence of time. The poet brings out a new vision with an immense depth to our perception of life, for example of a dew drop that shines in eternity till its downfall.

‘Dews strewn on the blades of lush green grass

     In quest of their embrace with the sunrays

                 Like the stars only to twinkle

                Like the pearls only to sparkle

   With shining to dwindle in the earth’s heart

Eventually to trickle down to the lowest dismal’

 The poem, ‘Twilights’, beautifully describes the realm of birds in its true nature. The poem throws light on the painstaking efforts by birds in protecting their little ones from the ecological evil elements of nature. It is indeed a marvelously said piece about the feeling of parenthood providing immense satisfaction to the readers.

The poem ‘At the Temple’, by Seema Arella, is an enchanting devotional verse, delivering peace to the inner mind. The poet beautifies the aura of a temple from inside.

There are huge number of poems that are noteworthy, like ‘Not Enough, Mother’ by H.K Kaul, ‘The Orphan’ by Prabhat K. Singh, etc.,

Thanks to the editor, Dr. Vivekanand Jha for bringing up this anthology

– Shasikiran Deshetti, Software Engineer, M. S, Austin,  Texas, USA.


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