A Second


A second of scorn

Turns years of affection

Into enmity of eternity.


A second of innocent love

Turns two souls

To oscillate, live and die together

In all fair and foul.


 A second of opportunity

Transforms penury

To disproportionate property.


A second of mistake

Puts life at stake

And debars one

From any give or take.


A second of adversity

Makes diversity to know

What is unity?


A second of carnal burst:

Relationship exhibits no trust.


A second of ejaculation

The world is sitting

On the volcanic mouth of

Population explosion.





 Believe me or not


Believe me or not

I speak as I suffered

But not preach

The world has been

Only to those

Who are happy and glee.


On the mistake of others

Don’t show your teeth

And to be laughed at

Don’t give any width.


Once they come to know

You are a beggar and you beseech

Men are such a bee

They would suck the left over blood

Like a leech.


So this is a lesson

One must learn and teach

Even in poverty looks like a rich

For this you don’t need

Any investment and fee.







Cruelty like sediments into water container

Even inadvertent stirring spoils

 The serenity and sanctity.


It suffers from insomnia

Unleash its irritation of sleepless night

 On orphan and weak.


People are poor by kind

And rich by cruelty

As if goddess of learning herself

Were blessing them

To deliver the speech extempore.


Everyone is embodiment of explosive

All we need is to light one spark:

Calling wrong a wrong

And get ready to sing a swan song.


A group of trigger happy youth

Making to and fro of road

Like venomous bees around honeycomb

Provoking and tantalizing to say something

All you have to do is to stir up the nest

And they would do their best

Better we know the rest.


Intolerance on rampage

And tolerance victims of stampede

Now none trembles with fear

All shudder with anger

The strong with one

But the weak with all cylinders.


Gone outside to seek entertainment,

For week-end refreshment

Wife suffered molestation

I suffered frustration

We flavoured hot juice of insult

Returned home with hurt inside heart.






Man, chief justice of animals,

To dictate stringent sentence

On their innocence

Punishment in all cases

And will be no less than death,

Only nature of death will differ

As per the belief

And religion of human beings.


In the name of religion,

Divide men themselves

Into different factions,

Scapegoat they their scriptures

For their own atrocious activities.


Even in sentencing slaughter

Some say we are kind

As we prefer to eat

 The meat of those animals

Whose throats are

Chopped off in one go

Thus making their death

Only momentary painful.

Some say believe we in brutality

As we prefer to chew

The mutton of those animals

Whose throats are cut

Slowly and steadily

Thus arousing pain

 And tantalizing them for death.


 They take enjoyment

Of peculiar and bizarre

Song and music,

Emanating from the animals,

Gasping for death,

And thereby relish

Nibbling tallow and sucking the soup

Inside the shank of wholesome

And palatable flesh and bone.






Dream House


A House! A House!

That he must have to live in

With children and wife.


Where no place for

Uterine brother and sister

Where no room

For aging parents

Even if he has to become a tyrant.


Where in hospitality of in-laws

There shouldn’t be any deficiency and flaw

Where all hell breaks loose on madam

When visits any guest

Pretending ill health, she lies on bed

Restaurant in the vicinity does the rest.


Where all luxuries and amenities

Should be available in apartment

Though children in the exam

Comes out with compartment.





Global warming


Global warming stretched its arms

To hug all the joy and bliss of the world

It transforms achievement of years

Into bereavement of eternity.


All, keeping hand over hand

Waiting for the doom’s day to descend

And extinct this mundane universe

In blinking of an eye.


Incarnation of global warming

Seems to be inevitable

As it has already started laying foundation.

It has developed into embryo

From the drop of sooty sperm injected

By the ruthless chimney of carbon industries

And by the smoke of population explosion.


Climate has turned to furnace

Frost to ice

River to ocean

Man to monster

Benevolence to gangster

Love to rape

Medicine to drug

Water to blood

Flood to drought

And drought to flood

Foul to fair, fair to foul.


Are these not good enough

To give a sign of caution?

Are these not the symptom of ill-omen?

If not, go ahead with your endeavours

And best of luck for handful days

That dwell on finger’s tips.



Humanity Died


There was a gathering on the mid road

I have also excited to join them

Expecting some interesting things to see

I found humanity has met with an accident

It bleeds and cries in pain

And seeks some solace from onlookers

 Who called themselves

Wonderful and beautiful creatures of the world.


We remain mute spectator

As if it were a scene of movie.

None of hands heave to help him:

In some they were blinking like a cursor

In some they were like a flip-flop

In some they try to reach

But their deaf and stony emotion

Fail to respond.


But the heart of Atropos in heaven

Melt as He listened the pain and moaning

Of the humanity and He extended His hands

To support and succour

And we found humanity died.






 Till in the nostril air

My heart would keep on beating

With your heart in unison

Till the time we both hyperventilate

In resonance and fall as sleep

Out of exhaust and tiredness.


Till in me energy and vigour

I would keep on striking

 And raining into you

Like the spring from the mountain

On the surface of the earth.


Till in the eyes tears

I would keep on shedding

In your loving and repining memory

As leaves shed milky tears

When they are subjected to

Injury and separation

By persistent division,

Cut, break or scratch.


Till on your cheeks and lips,

Rose is smeared

My lips and nose would keep on

Hovering and humming

Like a bee for honey.


Till in the eyes, images appear

I would keep on listening

The music and magic of your eyes

Like a snake to the charmer.





Some loss to gain


I am living only

For the promise and swear

That I had taken

At the time of putting

Vermillion over your head;


And one time Energy and vigour

That entered and conserved

Into my whole body

When first time my hand

Clasped with your hand

At the time of

Making circling round of sacrificing fire.


Every time I see shyness in your eyes

All of my limbs

Are rejuvenated and refreshed;

And restored in natural order

Like a computer does

When it is subjected to reset.


When our eyes meet

Oscillator of the body generates

Unfathomable and invisible carnal frequency

Through our visual antennas;


Which mixing with each other

Creates a strong magnetic field

That makes us sandwiched

And we feel flow of emotional current

Of its peak power

With some loss to gain.



An elegy to the poem


I send you to represent

In various magazines and ezines

From my country

To the world of every region

But you fall victim

To the predators

So called  poetry editors.


They’re prepared

With ready witted reply:

To the guidelines

Your submission doesn’t comply.


Some say:

Thank you for your interest

But we decided to pick up the best

Some says:

You’re committing a crime

By composing the poems in rhyme.

Better if our guidelines you rehearse

As we consider poems only in free verse.


Some say:

We don’t accept

Unsolicited submission.

So before sending works

You must seek permission.

Some say:

Sorry, not what we’re looking for

Best of luck for publishing them

In other journals.


 Some say:

Our magazine is limited

To the poets of our nation

So we don’t accept submission

From out station.


Some say:

Your submission permanently fails

As we don’t accept it by emails.


They don’t have time

To read and waste

Stereotype reply

They simply copy and paste.


 Some say:

Due to large volume of submission

It isn’t feasible to give

On all critical depreciation.


Some say:

We’ve decided

To pass on these

But next time don’t forget

To send, please.

Some say:

We only publish

The works of established poet

So keep on trying,

Watch and wait.


These are only

Small lists of rejection

Poets are victim of

Numerous persecutions.


I keep on sending

In spite of your insults

The poets do poetry

Irrespective of the results.




Hands Heave to Harm and Hamper


 Our hands heave

To harm and hamper,

Not to help and heal.


Not to assist

The damsel in distress

Instead feel refresh

In molesting mistress.


Not to weaken

The woes of widows

But apt to weaken

Their only credos.


Not to stop

The rape

But we are top

In viewing the naked tape.


We have destitution

In deleting the prostitution

But we are to the fore

In bargaining the whore.


Not to prohibit

The child labour

But not hesitate to inhibit

Their favour.


Not to curb

The poverty

But ready to disturb

The Poor’s liberty.


We use stick

To persecute the weak

We use flower

To adorn the tower.



Not to ameliorate

Law and order

But not fret to generate

Chaos and disorder.


We have temptation

To incur evil reputation

But we have palpitation

In getting good inspiration.


We praise

When our hands raise

To tarnish and damage

The image of sage.


We neglect

The existing institution

But we accept

The amendment of constitution.


What a relief!

If our hands heave

To leave

Harm and hamper

But to help and heal.


Dispossessed Motherland


I’m from the land

Reduced to handful sand

Where’s only mud

Left by devastating flood.


Here’s no crop to reap

But only blood to creep

Over our fate to weep

And feet not rise to leap.


No room to express the wit

No place to peacefully sit

As we’re by poverty hit.

Here’s no food to eat

Here’s no fuel to be lit

No milk in the mother’s teat

We’ve only dust to beat

Bleak and barren land and wit.


Here’s no work to do

So we’ve earning few

But we’ve courage to muster

To gather bread and butter.


No prospect for ability

Here’s only killing by brutality

Which exposes administrative futility?

By their nature of duality.


  Here’s no feather in the cap

Only the news of kidnap

In the mean time you nap

Child is dispossessed from mother’s lap.


 If moral is to be taught

Nothing but death’s to be bought

Don’t give the suggestion unsought

It readily leads to a bout.


Here’s only the battle to be fought

One-year flood is another year drought

We’re caught in the current of time

There’s no difference

 Between age and prime


Here we’re in the grip of ill omen

People are living in the devil’s domain

On our purse is such a drain

We go miles and years away to deadly den

Leaving aside our children and women.


 Here’s no magic wand

Men beat their own drum and band

Here’re only foes, hardly any friend

Here’s none mistakes to amend

Here’s no right for dignity to defend

This’s a dispossessed motherland

This’s nothing but a Waste Land.


If you be my valentine

Though I don’t have

To give you a gold coin

But I’ve an open

Heart of mine

Though I couldn’t become

Shakespeare or Einstein

But I would never say

You a byline

If you be my valentine.


Though I meet with

So many girls clandestine

I drink bear, wine and cocaine

I watch pornography online

I would leave

All acts of libertine

If you be my valentine.


Though I like to live

In a family combine

So far I’ve followed

Parents and elders’ guidelines

Parents have been so far

For me an enshrine

But I would leave them

In the state of pains and repine

Not only that, every night

I would offer you compline

And I would serve you

Like a bovine

If you be my valentine.


 Though I don’t afford

To travel by airline

My income doesn’t allow

In five star hotel to dine

I’ve no good house

But only ravine

But I would manage you

Everything, even though

I have to purloin

The assets of others

Or brother uterine

If you be my valentine.


You have become my lifeline

For you I am ready

To do any adulterine

I would swim

Against any streamline

I can define any doctrine

I would fight

Against even flue of swine

If you be my valentine.


I’m mad after your grapevine

On your blossom

I want to recline

With you

I want to entwine

Oh my love!

Make my life illumine

And let us surpass

All glories of pristine

By being my valentine.

What I wouldn’t give

If you be my valentine

To my proposals

You don’t undermine

I’m determined

To make you my destine

What I would not do

To see you of mine

If you not

Be my valentine




There was a world

When pen was

Mightier than the sword

This is now the world

Of the sword

Giving the degree third

To the scholar writing foreword



Men fight over nonsense

They know no tolerance

As they colour their hands

With blood stains

For a penny and pence.

Men are ready to murder

Without thinking

What will happen further?

They defy the Almighty’s order

Of living all together



Now man is measured

By a different parameter

Radius is no more

Half of the diameter

One is known by

How much he earns

Not by how much he learns.

Thank God!  God is really clever

Not to allow anybody

To live for ever

So it is time to mend our ways

Let good sense

Prevail now or never.



Killing of Innocence


Incidentally I got chance

With friends to have a romance

What to do or don’t, we were in dilemma

At last, we decided to go to cinema.


The movie was, I sooth

What pleases every youth

It was full of sensual appeal

Which does fulfill teenager’s will?


It was when we just came out

Spectacles were changed out and out

A band of money hungry hen

Were looking for cock among men.

It were as if a sexy lover

Prefers dessert when dinner is over.

Of them, some were through professional

What we had seen never or occasional

They were to the core strumpets

Which was discernible from their etiquettes?


They were forcing y, z, and x

To accompany them to have sex

Once we refused to go

They started to abuse us in full flow.




I heard they were telling, oh brother!

Come if you have tasted

The milk of your mother!

We knew their vulgar design

So to their challenges

We decided not to resign.


Their abusive stance

Had nothing in it to wonder

What left me moving when I encounter

An adolescent girl from point blank range

Was hesitantly wooing me

For physical exchange.


Stopping by her for a moment

I wasn’t in a mood to comment in a sense

To sight the murder of the innocence

In our country what we call so descent.


It’s an incident of twelve years ago

Yet I am not able to forego

I forget her face and her utterance

But what haunts me even today

Is her innocence



Let me live even in the dark

You keep with you your creative art

Even though you don’t help me to start

Yet I’ll try to play my part

In the face of the reality stark

My only request to you to mark:

I don’t need your brilliant spark

If you let me live even in the dark.


You keep with you your Eden Park

I’ll request you to hark:

I would be happy with my Jurassic Park

If you let me live even in the dark.


Although your journey upon the sea embarks

You keep with you your witty remarks

Sated with the pond I will accomplish my task

If you let me live even in the dark.


You enjoy pampering in the lark

I needn’t your euphony, your skylark

I’ll be contended with my cacophonic bark

If you let me live even in the dark. 




The Prime


It’s time

We’re in prime.


It’s time

We should shine.

And  feel fine.


It’s time

We should climb

To destine

And feel cloud at nine.


It’s time

We should be sublime

To define

The doctrine.


It’s time

We’ve strong intestine

Ready to dine.


It’s time

We should not commit crime

And resign

To any design.


It’s time

We should not assign

Meeting clandestine

Lest we repine.


It’s time

We should determine

To become Einstein

Or compose rhyme.


Trauma of Terror


 Wherever eyes go, we sigh to see

Be it a day or hours wee

In the mud we find our knees

Thunderous voice rends the ears

Two little eyes dipped

In the ocean of tears

Tender soul is infected with fear

Life’s nothing but error

Teeming with trauma of terror.


 God made comely creature

Apart from the lovely nature

Man made it a field

With red bloodshed filled.

Life’s endless tale of peril

In the hands of the devil

No one wants to take a risk

So the corps takes to frisk

By working on the tips

This time terror is to rip

In the guise of will o’ the wisp.

We feel insulted on being frisked

Irritation reaches its zenith

Earth revolves the feet beneath

To see the baggage and bag

Treated as a piece of rag.








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